Most of you know me from my career in fitness as a model, coach, writer and all that, but what you may not know is I love to create. I’ve written books, produced television shows, built businesses and consulted with hundreds of people on how to capitalize on their passion in life. While all of this has brought me great joy and success, I needed an additional creative outlet.

When my daughter moved out of the house I found myself with an extra room and wasn’t convinced a guest bedroom was the best use of that space, so It was time to finally pull the trigger on something I had been researching for years. A DTG printer!

Honestly, I had no real intention of going into the shirt business….truth be told, having this printer has been therapy for me. It keeps me focused, creative and fills my down time with something fun.

Suddenly, the requests started to roll in, people wanted shirts, wanted my designs, their designs and so much more. BAM, Clark’s Tees was born…not out of necessity to make money, but a passion to create and to provide quality products at a fair price.

Here is something I feel passionate about you knowing. I am involved in the entire creation of your shirt. I order the blank tee’s I retreat and print the shirts, I clean the machine..I do it all because it’s a labor of love and something that brings me great joy.

So please know that every single shirt that leaves my home is made by me, for you with love and care…as corny as that sounds

With DTG printing, I can put ANYTHING on your t-shirt…Literally anything.
We specialize in SMALL ORDERS and we have NO MINIMUM orders!

You only want 1 shirt printed, I’m your guy!

Simply upload your completed design, choose shirt size, color and how many you want…BAM, I’ll get them done ASAP.

No screen charges, no minimum order, no limit on what I can put on your shirt.

I just need your art delivered
1). 300 dpi or higher
2). Sized to how big you want it on the shirt
3). Upload and you’re all set

I can also print on XXL shirts proportianlty meaning your XXL shirt won’t look like it has an image that is too small….

DTG printing is state of the art, fast and beautiful.

Shirts must be 100% cotton to give best and lasting image…I source the best quality shirts you just tell me if you like a soft feel or a heavier feel…I’ll choose accordingly.

EVERY single shirt is made by ME, every step of the way! I purchase, pre treat and print!

Also, be sure to check out the exclusive CB Tees section of the site…I focus on positive messages meant to Inspire, Uplift and Encourage!

So, if you have a company, an idea, a family reunion, a gag gift of want something special and unique…I CAN HELP! Feel free to send me a message for more information.

I can also help design shirts for you ( for an additional fee)

My goal is to make this a fun expierence and deliver you a t-shirt you love